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Dri-Stixx, Softwood, Hardwood, Kiln Stick, Kiln Drying

"Our stick layers love how much lighter and easier DRI-STIXX are to handle.  I love DRI-STIXX because it has increased our production on our stacker. The consistency of DRI-STIXX has made our pack sizes more uniform and our lumber flatter, but the long-term potential for reducing our stick replacement expense makes it a no-brainer!"

-Jesse Joyce


Here's a video of DRI-STIXX running through a

MoCo Engineering stacker.

Many companies give up valuable production time dealing with broken sticks, bowed and twisted sticks, and overall inconsistent stacking sticks.  Dri-Stixx are uniform and straight. 

What is it costing you NOT to switch?

If you're tired of throwing away your

hard-earned money, or wasting production time because of inferior wood sticks,

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revolutionary  product!

The world's BEST and

MOST  DURABLE stacking sticks EVER! 


"The investment we have made in DRI-STIXX is paying off exponentially due to no clean up of broken sticks, no turning of sticks in a pack of lumber, and the increased production because of everything running smoothly."

​-Greg Thevenot


"Our throw-away percentage with wood sticks was over 20% per year, EVERY year...  After our first year using DRI-STIXX we threw out just 3 sticks!"

-Eric Porter


Here is what our customers are saying...

This is a video of  DRI-STIXX running through a USNR stacker.

Automatic Stackers

Click on these videos to see the Fluted Stick in action!

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